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Cinematic Sound Radio's Jason Drury chats with Perseverance Record's Robin Esterhammer & orchestrator | producer Nikiforos Chrysoloras about the upcoming James Horner re-recording project, and the ongoing Kickstarter campaign. Thank you to Jason Drury and Erik Woods for the invitation! 


P.s. Please accept our apologies for the sound of our voices and foreign English accents! 

New week, new update!! It's time for our next preview.

This time, it's cue M102 - The Lizard's Tail from Oliver Stone's The Hand. As with the previous cue this is an Avid Sibelius & NotePerformer audio-video export reconstructed and prepared by the project's producer & orchestrator, Nikiforos Chrysoloras

Intense orchestral effects, utilizing flutter tongue Woodwinds, Piano chromatic clusters, Percussion, the Blaster Beam (unfortunately, it is the one instrument missing as it cannot be easily reproduced), and high Strings, juxtaposed with the score's haunting, yet calm, Main Theme, played by the Flutes, doubled with Vibraphone and Violas. 

With 21 days to go, we are getting closer to the finish line, and we are very excited to bring this score to life with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

Thank you to each and every one of you for your support. Share, promote, and help us realize this amazing project.

As always, looking forward to your comments. Enjoy!

We are currently in the middle of preparing James Horner's scores, and we'd like to share with you an Avid Sibelius & NotePerformer audio-video export of one of The Dresser's various versions of the Main Titles, painstakingly reconstructed and prepared by the project's producer & orchestrator, Nikiforos Chrysoloras

In this version, James Horner has a Boy Soprano performing the melody (just like the End Titles) - instead of the Woodwinds that ended up in the film version - plus a slightly altered Piano line at the beginning of the cue.  

We can't wait to re-record this beautiful and intimate score by the legendary composer this coming June in Prague, with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

Let us know what you think, and whether you'd like more cues from The Dresser and The Hand to follow. Enjoy!

We are excited to announce Grammy & Emmy award winning pianist Gloria Cheng, who will be joining us in this endeavor. 

Her relationship with James Horner begun as early as 1986, performing on the An American Tail score, followed by Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, and Troy, to name just a few. 

Apart from being widely recognized as one of the most adventurous interpreters of contemporary music around, Gloria is one of the most sought-after session pianist in Hollywood. She has worked with Don Davis, Michael Giacchino, Randy Newman, Maurice Jarre, Alexandre Desplat and she is John William's go-to-performer on the piano and has worked with him on many scores. And now she is performing on our recordings. 

S' marvelous, s' wonderful!!!

"I have the opportunity to re-record my BLASTER BEAM for a reconstruction of James Horner's score for Oliver Stone's film, "The Hand." Perseverance Records has a Kickstarter going, where fans can experience the genius of James Horner by backing the new orchestral and Blaster Beam recording and release of two early scores by the Academy Award winner. Through the campaign, top tier backers will have the rare opportunity to visit my Enterprise Origins LA studio and get a Blaster Beam lesson from me and my daughter, Fiona Huxley. We look forward to having a BLAST!" ~ Craig Huxley

Due to the fact that we are going to record -as a planned surprise- the first seven of the 14 concert works James Horner composed in the 70's that bring the total length of the music to be recorded to a staggering 140 minutes, we will release this as a double CD. 

So, the rewards for the individual tiers will include a double CD as a download and physical album instead of a single CD. ENJOY! 

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