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Hello all and Happy World Music Day!

The final countdown for our campaign begins today, and we would like to thank ALL of you for your support, thus far.

Although we have a long way to go, in just under 8 days, we are confident that we will get this project across the finish line

Without further ado, here are this week's update(s). 

We have put together a Making of featurette, showcasing the score reconstruction process. Filming took place in the studio of our orchestrator & producer, Nikiforos Chrysoloras. Enjoy!


We will conclude our updates with two cues from The Hand. Actually, we will share with you 2 versions of the same cue. Here are M501 | The Ride to Saraville [Film] & [Alternate] versions. Enjoy!


Once again, a massive and heartfelt thank you, to each and every one of you, for your support. 

Continue to spread the word with the world. We look forward to the recording sessions in early September 2024 at Smecky Studios with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra from where we will share with all of you the breathtaking experience of bringing these scores to life.


For James!

Wonderful news!!! Kickstarter contacted us today to let us know that our project has been selected as a “Project We Love,” which is KS's way of highlighting brilliant examples of creativity. Look for the badge under our project video! 

Thank YOU, to each and every one of you for your ongoing support. 
Let's spread the word about our campaign and make this happen. 



Hello all, 

Here's a friendly reminder of the TIERS & ADD-ONS our ongoing campaign has to offer; for those who might have missed it the first time around and/or maybe those who are still on the verge. There are also a couple of new exclusive add-ons awaiting for you on our rewards page. 

PLUS our Kickstarter trailer for extra inspiration!


Let's reach that goal, and take off!

Hello to each and every one of you. We've reached 20% of our goal. Thank you for all your support. 
Please keep on Pledging, Supporting and Sharing our project with the world. 

We've created a new add-on - The BULK of Khan. 
All you have to do is contribute to Tiers 2-14, get access to our new $60 add-on, and get TEN pre-selected titles from the Perseverance Label.

Lets reach that goal and Take Off!

You spoke, we listened: We have created a new add-on for those who would like to be "there" at the recording session but have limited funds. So, for an additional pledge of $130 you will be able to partake in the sessions when you select the tier of the album only. We trust this finds your approval and hope to "see you there”. 

With a revamped campaign page and a much lower amount to raise we are confident that this one will get us the required results. This time around there will be no concert pieces, just the two scores for THE HAND and THE DRESSER. Check out the preliminary artwork at the KS page. A huge thank you goes out to Nikiforos Chrysoloras and James Wingrove for making this happen!

We are excitedly happy to announce our new Kickstarter campaign for our passion project later this month. This one will be without the concert works and it’ll focus on the two scores from THE HAND and THE DRESSER. While the omitting of the 14 concert works is regrettable, it's of financial necessity. I know that you share our enthusiasm and love for the music of James Horner. Having the blessing and support of Sara Horner means the world to us and cements our vision to bring these unreleased gems in the Horner canon to a wider audience.

We sincerely hope that this meets with your approval and know we can count on your continued support for our renewed campaign. For James!

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