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We are actually celebrating our 99th AND 100th release with two wonderful and magnificent titles; one, SOLIS, by a total newcomer, David Stone Hamilton; and number 100 by a (fairly) new voice in his native Scandinavia and international film music scene: Johan Söderqvist's AMUNDSEN. These two were produced in collaboration with Mikael Carlsson's MovieScore Media, and we are very happy to work with someone who shares our passion for great film music. 

Both are limited releases of 500 units. 

There are no audio clips for these two titles in our store yet, I am still working on those, but we are sending out a newsletter today or tomorrow anyway. Enjoy!

The first Prom Night orders were shipped today to the people, who pre-ordered the album. And there were many. We are very happy about this and quite amazed that disco music is still so popular...

After 39 years, the first official and legitimate soundtrack album of the cult horror film, Prom Night, is finally available on Perseverance Records. Not only does this album feature the score and songs as hey were heard in the movie, we also worked closely with the two composers to bring you score and songs that were written for but not included in the final cut of the picture. This soundtrack KILLS! 

A worthy follow up to his "Freeing the Waters", 2015's "Waking the Dragon", the sophomore release by Paul Hertzog, features compositions on a "somewhat ancient PC running Cakewalk Pro Audio 9". He uses classic samples that featured on his previous three albums and that his fans have come to know and appreciate as part of his musical style. The album was composed over a 5-year period from 2009 - 2014 and is available to the public for the first time here after being sold exclusively on Paul's Hertzog and CDBaby. A limited edition of 1000 pressings. 

Don't worry, we still stand by our promise that these titles will see a pressing of only 3000 units. So far we are at 2000 (once this new batch sells out). 

First off is John Williams' Aademy Award nominated score to "The Witches of Eastwick". Secondly, the highly successful soundtrack to the scariest movie of all time, William Friedkin's "The Exorcist". 

Dig in. And, while you're at it, browse through or Used/ open/ one-of-a-kind/ promo catalog listings. 

A long and successful run of one of our best selling titles has finally come to an end. Ennio Morricone's wonderful fantasy score is now out of print. Sorry if you didn't get a copy. 

When Intrada released Brad Fiedel's long lost score to Fright Night everyone was asking, "But where are the songs?" Well, here they are. And, as a special treat for you, we have 25 autographed covers, signed by writer/ director Tom Holland that will be given to the first pre-orders in this store.

After working on this release for a long time, we can finally say, it's out today! It also features four tracks from Donald's music to the German language feature documentary "Blender", including the moody "Demon Blues". The liner notes didn't make it into a booklet, but we have a special treat for all of you, so stay tuned. 

If you were at the Baked Potato last week at Ron King's concert you would know what a cool venue this club is. What's even cooler is that this Sunday, June 26th, the Dennis Dreith Band will be performing there, featuring LA’s hottest session and concert musicians. The band is large and the club is small so if you are planning on attending I suggest you make reservations in advance as they are filling up soon.

2 shows - 9:30PM & 11:30PM 

Click here for advance ticket sales.

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