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Kickstarter James Horner Update #6: Another Coup - Welcome Gloria Cheng!

We are excited to announce Grammy & Emmy award winning pianist Gloria Cheng, who will be joining us in this endeavor. 

Her relationship with James Horner begun as early as 1986, performing on the An American Tail score, followed by Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, and Troy, to name just a few. 

Apart from being widely recognized as one of the most adventurous interpreters of contemporary music around, Gloria is one of the most sought-after session pianist in Hollywood. She has worked with Don Davis, Michael Giacchino, Randy Newman, Maurice Jarre, Alexandre Desplat and she is John William's go-to-performer on the piano and has worked with him on many scores. And now she is performing on our recordings. 

S' marvelous, s' wonderful!!!

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