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Wes Craven's 1977 horror classic "The Hills Have Eyes" has one of the eeriest and freakiest scores I have ever heard. It's now out in our composer distribution series.

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We, at Perseverance, love film music. With that said, we have started a new division: Perseverance Distribution. Some might ask what this means. Well, here's a quick answer on what our service offers.

We run into situations where a composer or a small artist-run boutique label wants to be distributed nationwide. They do not want to do a licensing deal, where they might be paid 15-18% royalties, but are too small to get a national distribution deal and/ or CDBaby takes too much money. What we offer is access to our international distribution chain for any artist/label that needs more than the traditional website/Amazon only CD sales model.

The concept is simple. The artist is in full control. It's their music, their deal, their decisions. For a small fee, we work with them to make sure their music is available worldwide in Amazon, AEC and many other physical/ online stores. This affords the artist/ label the chance to get out to as many potential fans as possible.

The first of these titles is the just announced Knight Rider. While we do have this title in our system, it is not a Persey release, but rather one from Hitchcock Media that we got the rights to through a very generous deal with Universal.

The titles distributed by us are not designed, mastered or produced by us, so everything looks the same from the original release. We put our barcode on it due to a requirement from our distributor, but that's it.

We are happy to provide the opportunity for artists to make more money from their music.

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Yes, we are now the only label with the honor of having both Knightriders and Knight Rider in our catalog! It will be a little while before this album shows up in stores, so get your copy now.

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Donald's third album with us (and certaily not the last!), Dawn Imagined, is available for pre-order now. This album contains thematic material he wrote for George Romero's Dawn of the Dead that was later left for "dead" when Goblin and Dario Argento came on board. A classic collector's item! It will ship February 18, 2014.

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Available for pre-order is Richard Band's expanded The Pit and the Pendulum. It will ship January 28, 2014. Dig in!

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The first orders have already shipped. However, the autographed covers won't be sent for a few more weeks, as I just sent them off to be signed by Johannes Schmoelling in Berlin. After that, it's Chris Franke and Craig Safan here in L.A. Please bear with us; if you haven't received your order within the next 10 days, it means you got an autographed copy.

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