Is there a soundtrack to...

... "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai" by Michael Boddicker
No official one, just a series of bootlegs. According to Michael Boddicker himself, the first bootleg, the Gold Edition, actually contains two demos he did for a Honda commercial, music that wasn't in the movie at all! For the complete story go here.

What's that music in this trailer?

Oftentimes, when the original music for a film has not been composed yet, the filmmakers or marketing people use music from other movies for their trailers. A list of which music was used for which movie can be found here. They also have a listing of studio logo music and who composed it, along with some QuickTime files to listen to. Amazing feature. 
Sometimes, original music is composed specifically for a trailer. The man to do this is John Beal. There is a fantastic double CD out with original music, composed specifically for trailers that is not available anywhere else. Check it out, you won't regret it.
For a more detailed listing of what music by the Media Ventures people was used in other trailers or promotions, go here. No idea, how he got that information.
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